MunaiTas North-West Pipeline Company Limited Liability Partnership

Carrying out services on oil transportation through the Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil pipeline MunaiTas North-West Pipeline Company Limited Liability Partnership (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership) understands its liability for quality assurance of services, health, safety and environment and undertakes as follows in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001:

  1. Ensuring accident-free and uninterruptible oil transportation through the Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil pipeline;
  2. Ensuring strict observance of legislative and normative requirements applicable to the Partnership’s activity;
  3. Cultivating 4S Culture at the PartnershipSafety first; Safety is a team effort; Safety is no accident; Safety rules are our best tools;
  4. Ensuring environmental friendliness, integrating activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or increasing greenhouse gas absorption, including “green” habits through the integration and improvement of technical and process solutions;
  5. Ensuring safe and favorable work conditions for the health of workers to prevent work-related injuries and health worsening by eliminating hazards and reducing risks in the field of health and labor safety;
  6. Professional development of employees, motivation and stimulation, development of human capital and creative component in work;
  7. Conducting consultations with workers and ensuring their participation in the activity aimed at health and labor safety;
  8. Constant improvement and increasing of the efficiency of integrated management system (including improvement of environmental indicators), prevention of non-conformities and problems at all stages of production and economic activity by risks management;
  9. Ensuring transparency of access of suppliers to purchase procedures, building partner relations with suppliers and other concerned parties;
  10. 10)Effective implementation of goals and tasks specified by the Participants (KazTransOil JSC and CNPC Exploration and Development Company Ltd.).

In order to implement the undertakings the Partnership obliges to ensure allocation of all required resources of the efficient functioning and constant improvement of the corporate management system and integrated management system using the best business practice, while every worker bears personal responsibility for their implementation within his/her competence.