In its daily activities, MunaiTas LLP is guided by the principles of transparent, conscientious and ethical business behavior, and conducts systematic work to identify and counter corruption and fraud in any form.


The main internal documents regulating the issues of countering corruption in MunaiTas LLP are as follows:

  • Code of Business Conduct of MunaiTas LLP;
  • Anti-corruption Policy of MunaiTas LLP;
  • Anti-corruption standards of MunaiTas LLP;
  • Regulations for conducting anti-corruption monitoring and internal analysis of corruption risks in MunaiTas LLP;

The main tools and mechanisms used in MunaiTas LLP in order to counter corruption are as follows:

  • identification, assessment and management of corruption risks;
  • functioning of channels for feedback and reporting on the facts of corruption.

MunaiTas LLP welcomes timely notification of any violations of the legislation and/or the Code of Business Conduct of MunaiTas LLP, including facts or alleged cases of fraud, corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations.

A call can be made by reporting alleged violations to the Hotline (


This hotline is operated by an independent entity, KPMG Tax and Advisory LLP (KPMG).


Calls to the hotline can be provided by all persons in Russian, Kazakh and English through the following communication channels:

The hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 24/7. At the same time, telephone calls are accepted by an operator from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday. The rest of the time (including holidays / weekends) telephone calls are received by an answering machine with the ability to record calls. Processing of inquiries received non-working hours is carried out on the first business day after the receipt of an inquiry.


Information on the facts of violation of the property and non-property rights and interests of MunaiTas LLP can be reported to the number +7 (727) 312 22 12 ext. 2525