Policy of MunaiTas NWPC JSC in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection in the oil transportation

The senior management of JSC "NWPC " MunayTas "( hereinafter - the Company ) , following the requirements of the Integrated Management System , developed on the basis of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, identified the following fundamental principles of its activities in the field of quality , industrial safety , occupational health and environmental protection :

maximizing the economic efficiency of the Company and competitiveness in the interests of shareholders , customers and employees of the Company

effective social partnership with the Company's employees , contractors and the local population of nearby settlements .

protect the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan relating to environmental safety works at oil transportation

maintain compliance with the requirements provided services laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan . Compliance with the law in the production activities of the Company

full satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers at all stages of service delivery for transportation of oil. Continuous improvement of the quality of services , maintaining the image of the company as a reliable partner

In order to fulfill the undertaken liabilities, the management assumes responsibility to ensure allocation of all necessary resources for the effective functioning and continuous improvement of the corporate management system and management system using the best business practice.

Save / increase in oil transportation and freight , attract new shippers

Fulfill the requirements , analysis and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System

Systematic analysis of current and future needs and expectations , their satisfaction with the services of the Company

Development of the existing pipeline system : modernization of the main and auxiliary systems , the use of advanced technological processes , maintenance of facilities, equipment and the linear part of the pipeline in a healthy state

Economically expedient and adequate provision of resources for the needs of the Company in the materials , goods, works , services and personnel

In the field of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection the top management believes the most important to ensure safety and health of the Company's employees, contractors and the population of nearby settlements. The primary goals of the Company are:

The senior management team of the Company and assume full responsibility for the fulfillment of "Politicians JSC" NWPC " MunayTas " in the field of quality, safety and environmental protection in the transportation of oil . "