Dear potential contractors!

Please be advised that MunaiTas LLP currently purchases goods, works and services through open tenders and price offers in the electronic procurement information system (EPIS).

The electronic procurement portal is hosted by zakup.sk.kz.

Potential contractors not registered on this portal cannot participate in tenders announced by MunaiTas LLP.

Having regard to the above, we kindly ask all potential contractors to register on this portal to further participate in procurement tenders.

The registration procedure is published at zakup.sk.kz .

The list of procurement responsible persons, including those responsible for long-term procurement contracts with MunaiTas LLP

Full name of the employee


Phone number

E-mail address

Nurabayev, Murat


Director of the Procurement and Logistics Department

MunaiTas LLP

+7/727312_2212 /ext. 7500/ Nurabayev@munaitas.kz
Dubovaya, Yuliya Anatolyevna

Deputy Director of Procurement and Logistics Department

MunaiTas LLP

+7/727/312-2212 /ext. 4600/ Dubovaya@munaitas.kz
Marat, Askar

Procurement and Logistics Department Manager

MunaiTas LLP

+7/727/312-2212 /ext. 4400/ Marat@munaitas.kz

MunaiTas LLP has no subsidiaries and affiliates.